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Questions and Answers

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There are many exceptional curriculums available. The key is finding a curriculum that works with the student’s ability to learn. Some online curriculums resemble a video game. Other online learning is boring: They are recordings of a teacher at the front of the room. We chose Miacademy and MiaPrep for all of our core (reading, writing, math, science, history, and life skills) because they are based in the Judeo-Christian world view, have highly engaging instruction but most importantly, it also allows us to individualize students learning plans to match families expectations. They also do a very good job of blending online with hands on, in-class learning. We have students who have never enjoyed learning actually work on the weekends – because they want to! We have parents reporting that students want to come back to school during school breaks.  


Here is our Master’s Plan

We teach the Wisdom of Heaven as well as the Knowledge of the Earth. Students will need to be good at both. This “Master’s Plan” chart is designed to be read from left to right. The things of Heaven that we train are on the top. The things of earth we teach our students is on the bottom half. 


Example Student Weekly Reports

Here are several sample Weekly Reports from Miacademy and MiaPrep.

NOTE: Math is taught with a different curriculum. 

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