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A Day At LCA - Emmaus

Day Start

The day begins as students arrive in class, where they learn the simple yet profound act of a proper handshake—a firm grip, a genuine smile, good eye contact, and a believable greeting teach them how to communicate respect and confidence. This initial interaction sets the tone for the day, emphasizing personal integrity and the importance of meaningful connections. Students then transition to organizing their day and spaces, a practice in self-management and initiative. They’re given the freedom to develop their weekly goals and to determine their daily schedule. Some students may choose to read first, while others may choose to do math. This helps them develop a sense of ownership over their learning journey. Students learn what they are interested in, and this choice helps them take ownership of their education. 

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Morning Devotions: Fortress Armor and a Road

We start the day with prayer, drawing from King David’s declaration of the Lord as his fortress; we guide students to build their “spiritual fortress” with God's attributes such as love, holiness, truth, justice, and righteousness—as foundational “blocks” of truth. This metaphorical Fortress helps to teach students about who God is, which will stay with them for the rest of their lives. While it’s great to know who the real God is, it’s just as important to realize who we are in Christ. Students must learn how to “put on” these attributes. They learn that God IS truth, and so we are people of truth. That is what the Armor of God is all about. Finally, they must learn how to walk "the Road" with Jesus daily as the friends on the road to Emmaus did. 

Core Academics: Engaging and Expanding Minds 

One of our greatest strengths, and which is at the heart of our school, is our ability to tailor the educational development for each student based on their God-given abilities. Students learn what they are interested in, which means they are engaged. There is a learning “sweet spot” which happens when a student is engaged and challenged. If a student is far behind, they check out. If a student is bored, they check out. We have spent hundreds of hours refining our learning model, which flexes for each student. Our core academic foundation is laid through interactive online platforms like Miacademy and MiaPrep, which allows each student to progress at their own pace. Our staff reviews student progress daily. While technology enhances learning, it does not dominate it. Our students interact extensively throughout the day with hands-on activities with paper books, pencils, and other students to ensure a well-rounded learning experience. Our teachers guide our students with questions to help them learn how to solve problems on their own or with the assistance of other students. 


Lunch: Relaxed Friendship and Outside Play 

Who doesn’t need a break? The playground offers a needed break from academics, where students enjoy their meals and then dive into play, exploration, and spending time with friends. This time is invaluable for developing character. No phones allowed! We have a wonderful climbing tree with only one rule: You must be able to get up and down by yourself, and yes, it’s a rite of passage! Sandlot football is an experience everyone should have. 


After Lunch: World Watch Daily 

We've all seen the online videos of college students who can't name three states in the union or can't find Europe on a map; our students are growing up knowing all about the world around them. After lunch, World Watch Daily, our daily video magazine, opens a window to the world, encouraging students to engage with current events through a Christian perspective. This program not only increases their understanding of global dynamics but also helps develop news literacy, critical thinking, and biblical discernment, preparing them to enter the world as well-informed young adults. Our students also view PragerU short videos to get factual understanding of the critical issues in life.  


Afternoon Projects and Electives: Exploring Passions 

The afternoons are dedicated to elective projects, allowing students the freedom to explore their interests deeply, whether that’s through art, science projects, sports, or any creative endeavor they choose. Like a homeschool, this is when life is lived. We may be preparing for an event. Or we may go to the fish store or to Home Depot. It’s amazing to watch. 


Afternoon Wrap: Reflection and Recognition 


As the day concludes, we gather for a reflective wrap-up, discussing the day’s learnings, challenges, and successes. This communal time strengthens our sense of community and allows us to celebrate individual and collective achievements, reinforcing our commitment to growth and excellence. We end the day with prayer, and then they go home to enjoy themselves. 



We rarely ever schedule homework. They have all day to get their work done; now we want them to go home and spend time with friends and family. Sometimes they work on projects and reading is always encouraged, but not assigned. 

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