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Junior High

6th - 8th Grade

Preparation For Life

Junior High is an important time of your child's life. Most junior high students form the beliefs and opinions that stay with them the rest of their lives. It is paramount that they hear the truth, and that the Word of God is reinforced both at home and at school. 

Beyond academics, we make sure that our students are prepared for life in the real world. For example, we teach them to listen to understand what is being said, and how to resolve conflict the right way.

"Life Christian Academy is life changing for children. I wish that my older son had the opportunity to go to this school. My youngest has learned so much since attending pre-school and Kindergarten here. He not only is growing in knowledge by learning to read and just learning the basics, but he is growing spiritually also."

- Shannon R.


Our Curriculum

At LCA, we work with each child individually to help encourage and reinforce positive character development. We also believe in the importance of taking risks and making mistakes as vital pieces of the learning process. Children should be presented with challenges to become people of character. So we challenge them.


We teach the whole person - mind, emotions, spirit, and body recognizing that God created your child for His purpose. By providing excellence in academics, faith, arts and sports, our fundamental purpose is to raise up strong Christian leaders in the next generation. Your child will know Christ, not just know about Him. 


11530 E. Queen Creek Rd.

Chandler, AZ 85286

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