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Go and Make Disciples

Jesus told us, "Go and make disciples," and that's exactly what we're all about at Life Christian Academy–Emmaus. Life Christian Academy began in 2014 as private Christian school focused on raising up Christian leaders. We're mixing our love for Jesus with a serious passion for learning, creating a place where we dive into both the wisdom from above and the knowledge of our world. We're a unique kind of Christian school, offering top-notch academics in a community that's not just safe, but also full of joy and grounded in our faith. 

K - High School


Our goal is to help each student succeed by working with families to establish a learning plan that's just for them, helping each kid shine in the grace God has given to them. We're committed to growing kids who are academically prepared and are ready to step up, take charge, and be responsible. And honestly, the way our students grow and develop here is just incredible. 


So, we don’t have a marching band, but our students know how to worship. We don’t have a football team but our students play flag football and climb trees and build things. Our students don’t sit in rows – but they are intensely engaged. No phones are allowed at school and so our students talk face-to-face. We invite you to visit our school family and see for yourself what sets us apart. 


Call Deb White at 480-526-1521 to find out more. Be blessed! 

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